• Summer biathlon (bike-and-shoot and run-and-shoot) programs and events in western Colorado.
    A mountain bike or trail running biathlon is a challenging sport that combines the thrill and excitement of shooting with physical demands of mountain biking or trail running.
  • Biathlon club rifles
    Simple rules to follow during biathlon practice and races to prevent accidental discharges of a rifle and to keep everyone safe.
  • Summer mountain bike biathlon
    Several race formats are used to make the biathlon race fun for everyone and challenging enough to deliver a high degree of satisfaction.
  • Summer Biathlon at Cameo Shooting and Education Complex, Palisade, Colorado
    We have program rifles available to rent and we have several recommendations about the rifles to get, if you'd like to buy your own.
  • Summer biathlon ammunition
    Biathlon rifles use low or standard velocity .22-caliber ammunition with 40 grain lead bullets.
  • A mountain biker competing in summer biathlon in western Colorado.
    Gear requirements and recommendations to make your biathlon experience enjoyable and stress-free.
  • Summer biathlon
    Membership allows you to train and compete, learn more about the sport of biathlon, and benefit from group pricing on equipment.
  • Biathlon news from western Colorado
    Get the latest news, tips and invites to biathlon practice sessions, Club matches and races.
  • Cameo Shooting and Education Complex outside Grand Junction, Colorado
    Cameo Shooting and Education Complex (CSEC)​ is a top destination for people from all over the world to participate in organized shooting competition.
  • Biathlon targets
    Learn the language of biathlon. A quick rundown of frequently used biathlon terminology.