Miroslava Gores
Cross Country Ski Coach

Mirka was raised on Jizera Mountain – Czech Republic – endless trails with very sporadic grooming. Skiers made trails made skiing more adventures and magical. Jizerka 50 – one of Worldloppet races – was highlight of the season. Seeing thousands of skiers of all ability levels made Mirka dream about the day she would be old enough to participate. While waiting for her chance, she was racing with local ski team during her school years.

Skiing was always huge part of Mirkas’ life. But it wasn’t until 2010 when Mirka Join wonderful team of instructors at Eldora Mountain – Colorado. That’s when she discovered another level of her love with the sport. Sharing her knowledge, guiding students through their first glides, or helping them refine their skills, fuels Mirkas’ passion even more. The level of joy she gets from frozen smiles on her students is unmeasurable. Sunny blue bird day or blizzard, Mirka has magic powers to convince you, It’s a great day to ski.

Just come see for yourself.

Mirka has hundreds of hours of teaching under her belt, decades of skiing and she is part of Professional Ski Instructors of America. She is Level III Certified Cross Country Ski Instructor and a Rocky Mountain Trainer. She also has holistic nutrition certificate from Nutrition Therapy Institute.